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Nilox J3 electic bike - Brugt - står i pænt stand - kørt 145 km

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INFORMATIONElectric bicycle Nilox 30NXEB203V003V2 - green

Nilox J3 is the pedal assisted bike with an unmistakable style.
Thanks to the 20 ”FAT wheels, 7-speed SHIMANO gearbox and disc brakes for use on any road with maximum stability, the J3 is a real tank on 2 wheels that will not make you fear any hole or any obstacle, indeed, nothing it will be able to stop you, not even fatigue, thanks to the 5-speed motor, activated by the LCD display on the handlebar.
With its powerful and extreme lines, Nilox J3 is capable of reaching 25 km / h thanks to the 250 W High Speed Brushless motor, integrated torque sensor installed on the rear hub, LG 36 V - 8 Ah rechargeable battery with autonomy up to 45 Km.
Aluminum frame with camo green color and LED lights complete the aggressive look.
J3, the eBike to not go unnoticed.

Max speed 25 km / h
Wheels 20
Tire width 4 ''
AP disc brakes
250 W motor
Maximum weight supported 100 kg
Foldable no

Battery 36V - 8Ah
Reload 4
Autonomy 45 km
Battery weight 2.2 kg
Power supply inputAC100-240V - 1.8 A max
Power supply output 42V - 2 A
Sælger: Auktioner sælger El-cykler, smykker mm. for kunde
Kategori: Driftsmidler
Landsdel: Jylland
Eftersyn: 28.03.2023 kl. 13.00 - 13.30
Horsens. Kun efter tilmelding senest dagen før kl. 16 på info@konkurser.dk
Varegruppe: 18
Højeste bud Budfrist: 29.3.2023 kl. 16.20 Vurdering
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